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Artificial intelligence in banks instead of employees: myth or reality of the near future?

In recent years, artificial intelligence has received a huge development. Humanity has come to the level of technology, when the use of AI in various areas of production and business does not seem to be something unreal. Artificial intelligence is especially actively introduced in banks. The financial industry was one of the first to discover the advantages of neural networks and actively uses them, receiving huge benefits.

How is artificial intelligence used in banks?

First of all, artificial intelligence has proven itself well when creating chatbots. Some banks managed to close up to 70% of customer requests, thanks to neural networks, which allowed to save on customer service. However, financial institutions stepped further and gradually began to introduce bots working on Natural Language Understanding technology. Specialists of Just Al are sure that by the beginning of 2019 the market of bots with voice support will grow to 500 million rubles, and after 5 years will exceed 33 billion.

In the US and Europe voice support technology was tagged as “conversational сommerce”. Such programs can communicate with clients at any time of the day. Thus, financial organizations will be able to gradually reduce call-centers, replacing operators with neural networks. Customers rarely distinguish a conversation with a live person from the conversation with the robot. For example, less than 1% of customers were able to distinguish the voice bot Dasha Al from a human being.

Continuing the theme of voice bots, it should be noted such scope as soft connection. Projects, involving calls to customers from the robots are already created. Of course, the technology is still imperfect, but some advantages are obvious now. Voice bot during the conversation will remain within the scope of the law, it is emotionally incapable.

In the summer of 2018, Russia launched a single biometric system designed for remote financial transactions. However, it is almost impossible to protect user data and transactions with existing tools. The development of artificial intelligence that can protect personal information is already underway. AI will recognize the voices and images of users of the system and distinguish them from scammers.

In addition, artificial intelligence is used to control employees. In particular, bots are trusted to analyze conversations between operators and customers. The analysis is carried out according to strict parameters, and if the robot finds a discrepancy, it notifies the control department.

Banks have also found application in neural networks and legal departments. In particular, AI is widely used in the preparation of lawsuits. Neural networks are trained and able to predict the future of the debtor. Also, artificial intelligence has found application in customer consulting services. Robots help people with their own budget, with the selection of tools to work on exchanges, with the choice of banking services, depending on the situation, etc.

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