US Market Index Shows Positive Dynamics

US market index: Brexit will be long, nothing to worry about

Key indices of the United States showed growth. The main reasons for the rise are related to news from China and the UK.
The legislature of the United Kingdom voted against the unregulated scenario of developments around the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. Knowing the high bureaucratization of Brussels, we can conclude that, under his leadership, the Brexit process will take a long time and pass smoothly for stock markets. At the same time, the Parliament of England did not approve the option of holding another referendum. This means that the UK will still say goodbye to the EU.

Chinese media have published a number of news reports that there has been another progress in negotiations between Washington and Beijing. Usually, morning optimism gives way to evening disappointment when it turns out that the parties did not achieve anything like that.
At the same time, statistics appeared. US industrial production grew by only 0.1%. At the same time, a month earlier, it fell by 0.4%. The consumer confidence index was 97%, with the expected 94. Just a month earlier, this figure was 93%.
The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index gained 0.75% in weight. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.81%. High-tech index Nasdaq Composite increased by 1.02%.

US market index – talks about the recession are too early

The oil market gave surprises. The cost of a barrel of hydrocarbons fell to $ 58.59. At the same time, it is noted that objective factors, such as, for example, the situation in Venezuela, did not affect the movement of value down. Despite the artificially created deficit on the market and the filling of American underground storage facilities with shelf oil, the price did not want to creep up: the evening news from China was not very optimistic.
Gold has grown for some time under the influence of billionaires who want to diversify their portfolios in anticipation of a recession. However, the number of people willing to buy the yellow metal quickly dried up, and gold showed a price decline of 0.53%. Troy ounce now costs $ 1,302, which, in general, is in line with expectations.
Amazon’s online retailer showed a 1.02% increase in value. The situation was influenced by a positive assessment of his papers, which are “better than the market”.
Everyone was surprised by the electronic giant Broadcom with an increase of 9%. The microchip manufacturer reported a profit that exceeded expectations. It was 5.55% per share, while analysts talked only about 5.2.
The leader of the fall was the company BioScrip Inc. with a negative value of 32%. The reason for this situation lies in the merger of the company with Option Care Enterprises.

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US Market Index Shows Positive Dynamics