Statistics: use of bitcoins in Russia and around the world.

The use of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in the world increases

After huge hopes for mass use of bitcoins, which was presented in 2017, 2018 has become a failure for most cryptocurrencies. The cost was steadily falling, and the media were not tired of writing about the fading interest of institutional investors. However, the industry is still alive. Moreover, it even develops. Individuals are increasingly willing to trust digital money as a payment instrument, not just as a means of investment.

For example, Kaspersky Lab conducted a survey in Russia. Its purpose was to find out the methods used by citizens of the country when purchasing goods through online and offline services. In total, the research unit specialists of the largest manufacturer of cybersecurity software talked to 924 people. The results were interesting.

So the vast majority of Russians remain loyal to bank cards. 88% of respondents make transfers through them. In addition, they retain positions and alternative payment methods, such as online wallets and payment systems. This decision is preferred by 76% of respondents. Another 38% appreciated the benefits of contactless NFC technology and are now actively using it. And another 13% of residents have chosen cryptocurrencies for the transfer of funds.

Oleg Gudilin, the head of marketing department in Russia, Central Asia and Transcaucasia, commented on the results. According to the expert, about half of users have serious problems with online transfers. The main reason lies in the lack of protection of money, which is quite real to steal both from the card and from the electronic wallet. This is confirmed by the second question of the study. 59% of respondents stated that in case of loss of smartphone, tablet, other device, they would be primarily concerned about loss of information concerning finance, accounts, passwords. The respondents much less worried about personal or work data.

Kaspersky Lab is not the first company to report the interest of Russian citizens to crypto assets. In 2018, a similar survey was conducted by the specialists of the payment service “Yandex.Money”. Based on the results, 1% of Moscow residents pay for purchases using bitcoin.

Bitcoin usage increased due to the number of ATMs

The world also believes in the future success of cryptocurrencies, and the long-standing “bear” trend is considered temporary difficulties. This is evidenced by the increase in the number of bitcoin ATMs. Over the past year, their numbers have doubled.

A study conducted by DataLight showed that the main surge occurred in the winter of 2018, when digital money was much more expensive. However, after the depreciation, cryptomats continued to be installed in a variety of countries. Professionals have estimated: on average 6 new devices for purchase and cashing of electronic assets started working daily in 2018.

As of 1 December 2017, there were about 4000 similar devices on the planet. The vast majority of them allow you to buy or sell bitcoin. However, other popular coins also are not marginalized. Many terminals support Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, ZEC.

But the attitude to this technology is very difficult in Russia. Recently, a resident of Irkutsk received a fine of RUB 50 thousand for installing cryptomat.

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Statistics: use of bitcoins in Russia and around the world.