Windows female voice will no longer distract IT professionals

Microsoft disables female voice of Windows

Users of operating systems of Microsoft regularly complained about the female voice of Windows and were looking for an opportunity to get rid of it. If you had to work on a single PC, Cortana really made it easier to perform certain operations. But programmers have to deal with dozens of computers at the same time. When devices begin to communicate with the user all together, offering a variety of, and often unnecessary functions, it is annoying.

IT-giant had to pay attention to negative reviews, and to provide a mechanism to desactivate the bot. The company took such a step, first of all, for the sake of corporate clients. Such difficulties carried a lot of risks, because organizations could simply get rid the software because of the inconveniences. Finally, the workers will forget about the annoying assistant.

How to turn off Windows female voice?

Expert Tom Warren said that operating systems like Pro, Enterprise and Education decided to get rid of Cortana. This will not require any special actions. It is enough to install fresh driver updates for these OS versions, and sound support will disappear by itself. However, the bot is very useful in personal at-home use, so the developers decided to continue its work on the software on Windows 10 Home.

Earlier, Microsoft specialists released a video, which clearly shows the configuration of several PCs simultaneously with the use of voice assistant. However, this entry is no longer relevant. You can change any parameters only manually in corporate software versions. In a sense, this is a step back from the IT giant, but at the same time this is an occasion to work on Cortana, to eliminate the main shortcomings. Excessive sociability of artificial intelligence irritates the person, and you will have to take measures to AI not only bring benefits to organizations, but also was easy to operate.

In the office of the company they noted: desactivation will occur after the release of the 19H1 update. Tom Warren promised to implement it in the spring of 2019. In addition, a few more interesting things will be added to the package. For example, a lightweight theme, fresh Fluent Design tweaks a range of emoji and kaomoji that were missing in previous versions.

In addition, Microsoft reported about the imminent introduction of a secure “sandbox” for applications. Employees are confident: this will make an important step in protecting the software against viruses. The project is called Windows Sandbox, and it is necessary to “isolate” .exe files until it becomes clear what components are contained there.

The software will create a special, one-time environment where the installer “fits”. This is a light version of the operating system, with a volume of about 100 MB. After the test is completed, the emulator is removed and the installed scumware disappears. To work with the service, you must enable virtualization support in the BIOS. In the company they said: this development will be added to 19H1 update. Technical details are described in the blog of the IT-giant, everyone can read them.

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Windows female voice will no longer distract IT professionals